torsdag 23 februari 2012

Herätys is dead! 2008-2012

We decided after the show in Amsterdam to end the Herätys story. Ever since we started this band we had alot of fun and met a whole bunch of cool people. To everyone who has supported Herätys in any way: Thanx alot!!  Thanx for all the high-fives n´ stagedives!!

You can not imagine how much all support meant to us. The D.I.Y style is still kickin!

We have a 7" recorded and it will be a "farewell" kind of record. Prank will release it in US and La familia in Europe.

So long brothers and sisters..../ Herätys  (Janne, Martin, Jonas & Peter)

7 kommentarer:

  1. ahhh, thats a real shame. the LP is one of my favourites!!!

  2. No more Chaos in tejas! The last show was in Amsterdam

  3. Last show! Cheers Darcytrash

  4. Too bad dudes! Last show in Amsterdam was a killer set!

    Shirt and 7 inch are awesome.

  5. Tjah!
    Råkar det finnas några t-shirts kvar och köpa någerst?

  6. Kolla med

    Kan finnas nåt kvar!